Trends and Insights

We’ve invited some of the brightest minds in technology to be part of our Next Tech Frontier sessions where we explore the trends and insights that will shape the future of technology. We’ll cover everything from machine learning’s impact on the world, to the growing technology landscape from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, to diversity in the technology world and how to create forward thinking company culture. The technology ecosystem is rapidly evolving, and the innovative executives who continually strive to set the bar higher are at the forefront of creating the next tech frontier.

TNTF Task Rabbit San Francisco

Bruce Brown sits down with Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO at TaskRabbit, to discuss diversity and inclusion in technology and the strategies that raised the bar for diverse hiring at TaskRabbit.

TNTF Dataminr NYC

Jason Wilcox, SVP of Product and Engineering at Dataminr, and Laura Kinder discuss why now is an interesting time to be part of the New York City technology community and how machine learning is being used to solve real-world problems.