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Daversa Partners Continues Expansion of its European Practice

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Daversa Partners, the technology industry’s premier executive search firm, continues to scale its investment in its global practice with the promotion of leaders Billy Garneau, Haleigh Singer, and Jamie Manecky.

For three decades, Daversa Partners has built the leading management teams across the most disruptive companies of this generation, focused on serving the founder and funder community around the world. Having worked alongside Tech’s top VC and PE firms, Daversa Partners has had the privilege to build over 10,000 companies, all of which hold a shared vision: push the throttle on innovation. The company today is an important strategic partner that moves top executives into startup and growth oriented companies.

Jamie Sanger Continues to Lead Daversa Partners’ Global Practice

Longtime global Partner Jamie Sanger, who is based in London, leads Daversa’s international practice. Over the course of his 24 years as a recruiter, 19 of which have been spent at Daversa Partners, Jamie has proven to be a relentless headhunter and a trusted advisor to his clients. Sanger has placed executives at generation-defining technology companies in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.

Sanger is known widely across the tech industry as a thought leader and has been featured in the UK Times, discussing key insights into “winning the war on talent.” He’s also served as host of Daversa Partners’ Dare To Be Legendary podcast episode, featuring Maëlle Gavet, CEO of Techstars, in which the duo discuss the current state and future outlook of the European market.

“Daversa Partners is uniquely positioned with built-in capabilities to support emerging hyper-growth companies by delivering best in class talent across the continent,” notes Sanger. “That, in conjunction with the record amount of untapped capital that is ready to be deployed across Europe, and the continued demand for global talent, the companies conceived in the next 36-months are going to entirely change the world in which we live.”

The Next Generation of International Executive Recruiters

Daversa’s international practice expands its leadership with the promotions of Director Billy Garneau and Associate Directors Jamie Manecky and Haleigh Singer, all of whom are deeply experienced in global recruiting having built teams in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. These three leaders have spent their careers developing relationships with candidates, founders, and investors across the world and are deeply ingrained in the European tech landscape.

Garneau’s practice focuses on helping the top B2B SaaS companies in Europe ascend to success, while simultaneously spearheading Daversa’s European climate tech practice. He has conducted significant work in sectors ranging from SMB to Enterprise, fintech, AI, low code, supply chain/ fulfillment, travel, e-commerce, security, and vertical SaaS. Garneau has deep functional expertise in product, technology and go-to-market functions including Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing.

In building out the executive management teams for some of the most disruptive consumer and enterprise technology companies across Europe, Haleigh Singer concentrates on the go-to-market function and helps European companies globally expand across Sales, Marketing, HR, and Product.

Despite remaining industry agnostic and having conducted executive search work across product/collaboration, fintech, cybersecurity, marketplaces, and crypto/web3, Jamie Manecky’s specialization in product searches emphasizes her belief that the most interesting problems and innovation opportunities start with product and tech.

About Daversa Partners

Daversa Partners is technology’s premier executive search firm that builds the leadership teams for growth and venture-backed companies. Our global footprint spans two continents giving our high-performance teams visibility into the entirety of the market. We are dedicated to developing meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs, executives, and investors across Consumer and Enterprise businesses.

We believe that the most successful companies achieve major breakthroughs by acquiring extraordinary talent. These people are hard to find and even harder to recruit, they are Material Impact Executives; we only recruit these people. This is what sets us apart…and this is what makes Daversa the search partner of choice.

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