Jamie Manecky

Associate Director

Jamie Manecky

Born and raised a New Yorker, Jamie brings an unmatched level of grit and passion to her work. With a natural passion pointed towards global development, Jamie has been an instrumental leader in Daversa’s international practice. She helped launch Daversa’s European HQ in London, where she now resides. Jamie has helped build some of the most disruptive start-ups across Europe and APAC; including Deliveroo, Miro, Pigment, Omio, Trade Republic, Cobalt.io, PrimaryBid, GoCardless, Redbubble, Domain, Discovery and more.

Despite remaining industry agnostic and having conducted executive search work across productivity/collaboration, fintech, cybersecurity, marketplaces, and crypto/Web3, Jamie’s specialization in product & technology searches emphasizes her belief that the most interesting problems and innovation opportunities start with product and tech.

Jamie earned two degrees from The Pennsylvania State University in Supply Chain & Information Systems and Italian Language & Literature. When not recruiting, Jamie is likely finding balance through hot yoga (literally).

Success only comes before work in the dictionary”
Jamie’s biggest successes