Brian Warager


Brian Warager

A New Yorker born and raised, Brian brings a tenacious East Coast mentality to his life and search practice. After stints in Washington DC and San Francisco, he now sits in Daversa’s Manhattan office and works primarily across B2B software, developer tools, infrastructure, and frontier technology. Functionally, he is particularly focused on placing executives in the Customer Success Function along with Marketing, Sales and Operations.

Brian has spent the last 8+ years building depth in vertical application software, leading searches for companies like Boulevard, Coursedog, Everlaw, Tapcart, CoveTool, and Uniphore, as well as Developer Tool companies like Tailscale, Gitlab, CirclCI, and Algolia.

In recent years, Brian has been passionate about working with companies using technology to impact important physical world industries such as Climate, Industrials and Education. He is a frequent partner to a select group of top tier venture capital and private equity firms, including Emergence Capital, Menlo Venture, Index Ventures, SignalFire and LeftLane Ventures. In his free time Brian is an avid reader and mediocre boxer and hockey player.

If you’re the smartest person in a room, find a better room.
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