Paul has earned his reputation as the Headhunter serving innovative entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley. Daversa Partners is notorious for assembling the most impactful leaderships teams for the most important companies in technology.

Daversa Partners coined a phrase a decade ago to describe the pursuit of executives that could create so much value that the cost of not landing them was more than the cost to land them. I call them "Material Impact Executives". They are easy to find -nearly impossible to convince to leave. I focus on Headhunting those executives. I have been hired by the Founders, CEO's and Boards to build the leadership teams for Dropbox, Square, Groupon, Twitter, Zynga, Yelp!, Aribnb, Gilt, Etsy, Hubspot,, Zendesk, 10Gen, Docusign, Palo Alto Networks, Lithium, Zuora, Coverity, Accretive Health, Accolade, Audax Health, and Carecloud,. In addition to this list of disruptive companies is the current hunt for talent for the great start-ups you have never heard of that will emerge as the next generation of leaders and innovators.


Paul and his team are true strategic partners and have been instrumental in building world class management teams. They have great insights and extraordinary focus on courting industry leaders. Most importantly, they go the extra mile to get great executives hired.

— Michael Cline, Managing Partner, Accretive Technology Partners